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MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7.30-5.00



MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7.00 - 5.30


Our Learning Stages


Under 2's

 This room is planned and designed for our babies as it is a respectful, warm and nurturing environment.

We have areas of play set up to ignite learning and discovery by incorporating many natural resources and recycled materials for children to create, build and test their skills.

We take great pride in our consistent routine that reflects the needs of our children and provides a calm learning atmosphere. We have a consistent team of qualified Teachers that are in tune with our children’s and their learning.

We document children’s learning, development and interests through their portfolios and program planning. This is a snapshot of learning through the eyes of the child and we love to share these moments with you.

Running at a ratio of 1-4 allows us to fully emerge, engage and support the children throughout the day.

Over 2's


This is a large open area of play that is rotated and reviewed daily to teach children the beauty of “Self”.


We support children to develop their self-esteem and develop them into self-managers by increasing their independence in caring for their belongings, during play and throughout their learning.

Our program planning wall and learning portfolios display our child lead discoveries and interests. We fully invest in positive guidance and encouraging children to reach their goals and milestones. We are proud of the learning we provide and our children’s voice is weaved throughout everything we do. 

Children are learning through play and have many opportunities to test and grow their skills in the indoors, outdoors and our neighbouring farm. We have two mat times a day that focus on the interests of the children, we have; music and movement, what’s happening in our community, storytelling, fun games and an opportunity to share news.

Our vision is to provide our children with a safe space where they can express themselves and develop into better prepared, capable, confident and creative learners for the next step in their journey.


Transition to School

Here at Bizzy Bodz we want all children to be prepared and ready for school as much as possible.

We have implemented a Lunch Box Friday for our 4 year old's. Children bring in two items for their lunch boxes and the children create the rest of their lunch at the centre. This is providing opportunities for children to take responsibility for their lunch heading to school.


This is paired with our school visit programme with Huntly Primary every second Friday.

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