I am Kaizer's mum and from the very first time I had taken Kaizer into Bizzy Bodz I knew it was the right daycare for him to go to. Walking in and everyone was nice and welcoming, they daycare alone felt homey and from there I knew I wanted Kaizer to attend.

Since Kaizer has been with Bizzy Bodz he has surprised both myself and his father everyday with something new that he has learnt at daycare, from testing himself outside on the playground to being such a helpful child inside and listening to what he has been told.

The teachers at Bizzy Bodz have always been amazing with the children despite how many children there are, they come together and help each other out if and when need be.

Tahlia & Arthur


My son Johnny has been a part of the Bizzy Bodz Huntly whanau for over three years now. I have watched him grown and develop with the support and mentoring of the staff here and he has made some wonderful friends.

I pulled my son out of another childcare centre in Huntly and put him into here and it was the best decision. They are open and honest and my son loves them. He has been very sick in his short life but he has developed in leaps and bounds due to their expert care. And the other kids there are awesome!

I love the Johnny is taught about feelings, emotions and respect. These are skills that will grow with him as he grows. Johnny's interests and passions are explored and developed and he comes home excited about things he has done and learnt.

Johnny has strong relationships with all of his teachers and I feel comfortable talking to each and every one of them. All of my whanau feel welcomed and comfortable visiting and attending events at Bizzy Bodz and I'm glad we still have another whole year here before he school begins.

Liana Gough


Never thought of Huntly for my boy's day care, so thanks to the people out there who pushed me to enrol. The boys really settled in fast when they first started and I can see them happy there. The Teachers have set a time routine to look after them. The centre has a good cook and loves the children. The teachers, most especially, feel like family and the environment feels like home.

Wow this kindie feels homely. I love the atmosphere, I love how they teach the kids. No more words to express but gratitude and if i were to rate it, it will be A++++.

Keep up the excellent work teachers!! I salute to you all!!

Charmaine Lim-Capendit


Bizzy Bodz you've been excellent since day one of our daycare journey!


I cant thank you enough team on how you nurture and care for our daughter!

Thank you for working in partnership with us parents towards developing and honing our child's value and character. You've been an awesome home to Rhian and will continue to be for a few more years.


Thank you teachers, Mama Gail, Pam and Sharon for everything! More power to Bizzy Bodz and continue the passion of teaching our future generation!

Melissa Enderina


We wanted a daycare that would promote individuality rather than just another child. Coming to Huntly is the best decision we ever made, as soon as we stepped into Huntly we found what we were looking for and more! 


Our daughter are being cared for by people that truly care about them and want to see them succeed and grow in life. We have been supported through health issues and SLT. We love hearing on a daily basis about the things they are learning and experiencing.


The extra guidance, love and nurturing in a structured environment is what our kids needed and it makes us as working parents, going to work so much easier. Huntly has become a a second family to us.

Melissa Dunn



I was working in Hamilton and our son Zac, was going to another centre closer to my work. When our second child Ashley came along, I was no longer working in Hamilton and did not want to drive there from Huntly twice a day!

I had been told about Huntly Kidz (as it was known back then) and did some homework on the centre and others in the area (via ERO Reports) prior to visiting in person.

I remember Kathleen and Tara that first time and after my walk around I went with my gut and decided I was going to enrol Zac over the following couple of weeks. I didn't feel the need to go and visit anywhere else.

I was most impressed with the different areas for the kids to play and learn e.g. science corner, veggie garden, a quiet corner where they could chill out and read, mat area where they can build using blocks, a family play area and carpentry table!

Zac is now at primary school and is thriving. I believe that the great start he had at Bizzy Bodz is definitely a contributing factor to this. Ashley continues to thrive in this environment too. She's happy and comes home with stories of what she has done for the day. We love reading the stories that are posted in Educa and bring her portfolio home (to have a brag) when we have family from from Australia visit.

Kylie Neilson


My son Awhi has attended Bizzy Bodz Huntly since 18/02/2019. I had always planned to stay at home and not send him to any daycare but we needed the money so we decided we would and I am so glad I made that decision! Everyone at Bizzy BOdz are genuine and friendly. They are constantly updating us on the Educa page which is so cool to see the little story's of what our kids get up to during the day.

Awhi has learnt many new things and gain lots of skills and confidence, he is slowly learning new words and is always coming home doing things he has learnt there, things that he would never have experienced at home. I recently attended Children's Day and was so proud seeing my son in his routine at Bizzy Bodz, they sang waiata for the kids to ash there hands and they all went and lined up to wash there hands before sitting down at the table to say a karakia before eating.

I leave my son there for about 8 hours a day Monday to Friday with piece of mind knowing he is well looked after and feed by amazing cooks. Awhi has made life long friends at Bizzy Bodz and look forward to seeing him blossom there until the day he leaves for school!

Aimee Sayers




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